Pants that Mix ‘n’ Multiply

Pants that Mix 'n' Multiply

Pants that Mix 'n' Multiply

New Product Release announcement.

Sure-Fit Designs is introducing this all new pants designing book that offers 5 current pant styles, plus a Bonus of Yoga/Travel/Comfort pants to help you further utilize your ladies Pants Kit.

Pants that Mix ‘n’ Multiply offers 16 pages of drawing, designing and sewing instruction steps for each of the styles.

As an added bonus, each book is accompanied by a how-to DVD to help you on the road for designing each new style.

As an Introductory offer, order Pants that Mix ‘n’ Multiply for $19.95 + S&H.  Just go to Pants that Mix ‘n’ Multiply to take advantage of this limited time offer (good till July 2, 2011)


About getamazingfit

Glenda Sparling is owner and President of Sure-Fit Designs, a company offering a pattern fitting and designing system since 1982. Learn how easy it is to create your body blueprint with this amazing pattern fitting and designing system.
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